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Stronger Action Needed from Government to Reduce Gender Gaps in Companies in Ireland

Published: Monday, July 24, 2017

The National Women’s Council of Ireland today (24.07.17) called for stronger action from Government to reduce gender gaps in Ireland for public and private companies.

Orla O’Connor, Director of the National Women’s Council of Ireland said:

‘‘In the last week, we have seen details published in relation to gender gaps in both RTÉ and in our higher education institutions. Details emerging in relation to the pay of senior figures in RTÉ shed light on worrying gender pay gap realities at our national broadcaster. Similarly, last week’s Higher Education Authority report highlights gender gaps in our higher education institutions in terms of pay and promotion to senior positions. The National Women’s Council of Ireland calls on the Government to introduce sanctions for companies who receive public funding if they don’t take action to address gender gaps within their companies.’’

Orla O’ Connor continued:

“Ireland should follow the UK, by requiring public and private companies by law to publish figures in relation to the gender pay gap. Data should be made available to the public in the interests of transparency to show the figures for the gender gaps in Irish companies in the public and private sector. In addition, Ireland must fulfil its Programme for Government commitment to introduce mandatory gender pay gap reporting legislation for private companies, to ensure there is no discrimination in terms of what women are paid.”

Laura Harmon, NWCI Women in Leadership Officer said:

‘‘Concrete action is required from public and private employers to ensure women are promoted to senior positions and to ensure that the gender pay gap is closed. Gender gaps in Ireland are prevalent across many sectors including in the media, sports organisations and private companies. The National Strategy for Women and Girls 2017-2020 commits to increasing and monitoring progress in relation to the representation of women across the public sector and promoting women on corporate boards and in the senior management of private companies. It is vital that these commitments are upheld. We need to create a balance of power between men and women in Ireland and taking actions, where necessary, to close gender gaps within companies is central to making this change.’’

For more information, please contact Laura Harmon, NWCI Women in Leadership Officer: 087-2667214.