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Valuing Care and Care Work

The recognition of care and care work in our society is fundamental to achieving women’s equality. Care work enables us to realise our potential in a range of ways – it is the vital component in child development, it can enable older people and those with health difficulties or disabilities to live fuller lives with greater independence and dignity. 

Providing care involves energy, time and effort. Time invested in providing care is time that cannot be spent doing other things – working, studying and participating in social and political life. This is why the way in which care work is divided between women and men is so important. Fairly shared, both sexes have the opportunity to fully realise their potential.  However, the majority of care work is still done by women. This comes at a significant cost to women as they remain less economically independent and underrepresented in decision making.

NWCI is campaigning to ensure investment in quality childcare for all children and a better recognition of care and care work in Irish society.

We are currently working in the following areas: