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Women in Leadership

Despite often better educational outcomes women overwhelming occupy less influential positions than their male counterparts, who remain the dominate decision-makers in Irish society.

While NWCI’s campaign for a 30% Gender Quota for candidates in national elections has helped to increase the number of female TDs, their overall share in Dáil Éireann remains low with 22%. Women comprise just 13.2% of board members of the largest publicly listed companies in Ireland significantly below the EU average of 21.2%. And despite comprising the majority of public sector workers women predominately occupy the middle and lower public grades (33% among the senior grades). The lack of women’s voices in positons means that their lives and experiences remain excluded from policies and strategies. The low numbers of women in decision-making positions also represents a waste of talent and resources.

NWCI campaigns for a more women friendly Oireachtas. We also want to see the 30% Gender Quota for candidates applied to local and European elections. NWCI’s handbook ‘Better Boards, Better Business, Better Society’ highlights key recommendations on how to achieve gender balanced boardrooms. In our research ‘Hearing Women’s Voices’, we have highlighted the under representation of women’s voices in current affairs and news broadcast. NWCI is also working with young women to develop a positive model of leadership that empowers them to play their part in shaping the future.

At local level, we are working to ensure that women and women's groups are empowered to engage meaningfully and have their voices heard in local participatory democratic processes and structures.

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