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NWCI launch online survey on women’s mental health, Covid-19 and caring

Published: Friday, May 15, 2020

The National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) today launched on online survey, “Women's Experiences of Caring during COVID-19”.

Dr Cliona Loughnane, NWCI’s Women’s Health Coordinator said,

“Women still carry a disproportionate responsibility for all forms of care in Ireland, which in turn can impact on women’s ability to care for their own mental health. While the Covid-19 pandemic has given some visibility to this care work, it has also increased women’s care responsibilities, for children as well as older family members.”

“The CSO ‘Employment and life Effects of Covid-19’ survey released yesterday shows that almost a fifth of the population is now caring for someone as a result of COVID-19, and that more women (21%) than men (15%) are caring for a dependent family member or friend, with persons in the 45-54 age group reporting the highest rates for caring (31%) as a result of COVID-19.”

Dr Cliona Loughnane concluded,

“We know that unequal burden of care and household responsibilities can have an impact on your mental health, and that women are especially vulnerable during this pandemic, with the closure of schools and added responsibility of supporting and caring for older relatives factored in.”

“We know that spending time with children and relatives is a positive aspect of women’s lives. But the women we speak also tell us that putting their family’s needs first can impact on how they respond to their own mental health needs. Women’s roles as carer and mother reduce the time they have to concentrate on their own wellbeing, or can impact their ability to seek out seek mental health supports.”

“The survey, which will run for one week, wants to hear from women about how COVID-19 has impacted on the caring they are doing; and how it may have affected their mental health and wellbeing.”

The survey can be accessed here

For information and supports on Minding Your Mental Health During COVID-19, see here 

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