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Milennium Report Executive Summary

Published: Sunday, December 31, 2000

Since January 1999, the Millennium Project Team has been working on behalf of the National Women's Council of Ireland on a national research, analysis and action study - Women Mapping the New Millennium. The project represents for NWCI the largest financial investment ever in ascertaining women's views on priority issues (almost οΎ£400,000 of private & state funds). It has led to the six individual reports on Health, Local Development, Violence, Work, Education and Poverty, plus this Executive Summary.

The Millennium Project also, just as importantly, has contributed to the building of the capacity of Irish women activists and their groups by upskilling 118 women as facilitators in participatory learning and research skills and data collection. Thus, when the Project finished, it left behind a legacy of skills which can be used and built upon by women in their own local community. The investment has led to the support of women activists and women's activism: it represents a firm contribution from NWCI to the sustainability of the women's sector.

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