Supporting Communities During COVID-19

Supporting Communities During COVID-19

We believe it is important that the mobilisation of resources and volunteers meets the need of groups who experience inequalities in our local communities. Resources are required to support advocacy and the participation of marginalised groups in responding to the crisis.

This page brings together information on Community Supports during COVID 19 and supports from the state to enable responses from community and voluntary groups.

Government Supports

The Department of Rural and Community Development in partnership with the HSE have developed a COVID-19 Government Action Plan for Community Response

  1. To support the community response to COVID-19 the department have developed a suite of leaflets about volunteering, how we are supporting communities and advice for vulnerable people
  2. The Charity Regulator has added a COVID-19 FAQ section to their website which you may find useful  
  3. An online partner pack for your organisation to use in your own communication and across your network can now be downloaded online here
  4. Advice on giving and receiving support
  5. The Community Call
  6. A 40 million package of supports for the Community and Voluntary Organisations, Charities and Social Enterprises. Closing date for application is Wednesday 20th May 2020 at 5pm.


The Department of Rural and Community Development email helpdesk facility is available to assist you with advice or queries and is open 7 days a week, email C&

The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government have established community support fora in Each Local Authority. There will be a community support helpline/call centre operating from early morning to late evening, 7 days per week, in every local authority. They will lead the co-ordination of COVID-19 community supports and resilience in each area.

If a vulnerable person needs to make contact immediately they can contact 0818 222024.

Community and Voluntary Supports

Womens Community Organisations

The National Collective of Community based Womens Networks has 17 projects around the country that are continuing to work with and support the wellbeing of women. Find out more on their website.

Community Work Ireland

CWI have convened a Covid-19 Non-Governmental Organisation Group comprising national organisations representing marginalised communities in an effort to build a collective response to share information on emerging issues which need to be raised at Government level. They have made a joint submission on behalf of the COVID-19 NGO Group - Marginalised Groups and Promoting Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights.

They have produced a planning framework, designed to assist organisations, in planning to protect the health and wellbeing and ensure the resilience of those who experience the highest degree of socio-economic marginalization and social exclusion during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Find information on the CWI website here.

The Wheel

The Wheel are asking charities, community and voluntary organisations, social enterprises, as well as individuals, to use this hashtag on announcements on innovative community responses #CommunityResponseIRL and they have a list of community champions in every county.

Find the list of community champions in every county on The Wheel website.

Irish Rural Link

Irish Rural Link have developed a protocol for Community Groups and Volunteers in delivering services.

Find the protocol on Irish Rural Link's website.

Volunteer Ireland

Find information on how to volunteer or to recruit volunteers on the Volunteer Ireland website here.


Community Foundation of Ireland

CFI have established a fund to help vulnerable communities during Covid-19. If you require any additional information please reach out to Hazel Hennessy at

Find out how to donate to help vulnerable communities here. 

The Community Foundation for Ireland’s Covid-19 Community Fund is closed at the moment. Contact

We are seeking to provide the most up to date and accurate information as possible. We are asking our members to send us information on services they are providing for women during COVID-19.   

If your organisation is offering supports for women or has resources relevant to women during COVID-19 please email them to Silke at  


Further information for women during COVID-19: