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Disability Action

Disability Action Disability Action Disability Action is the largest pan-disability organisation and charity in the UK and Ireland. We are a Disabled persons led organisation (DPO) advocating for the rights of d/Deaf and Disabled people. We provide services which are developed for and by d/Deaf and Disabled people. These services include: employment support services, human rights and independent advocacy, campaigns, community integration and digital connectivity, transport, information and advice, mental health and wellbeing and disability specialist support Our Vision A society which is inclusive, adapts to meet the needs of people with disabilities, rather than one that expects them to fit in. A society that recognises disabled people's right to be different and to live their life in a way which meets their particular needs without prejudice. Our Mission We work to promote, protect and uphold the human rights of disabled people. Disability Action have an active women's group who promote disabled women's rights and work to protect the human rights of disabled women.