Can you do a little to help us do a lot? Here in NWCI we are continuing to work hard to make Ireland a more equal place for women. We have achieved a lot in the past 40 years, but there is still so much more to be done. To achieve full equality, we need your support!

Your donation will help us to continue our work to:

  • Promote women’s leadership

  • Campaign for better childcare, long-term and social care

  • Seek better representation of women in politics and decision making

  • Work for a health care system that meets the needs of women, including their reproductive needs

  • End violence against women

  • Place women’s concerns at the heart of economic recovery

  • And much more…

So can you do a little to help us do a lot? Anything you can donate to us will help. Whether it is a one-off donation, a regular contribution or you would like to become a member, we promise your donation will make a difference. Thank you!