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Freedom from Pornography Campaign Launch: the time to say ‘no more’ is now!!

Published: Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Freedom from Pornography Campaign was launched in Dublin this morning (Thursday 24 Feb 2005) to challenge the increased availability and proliferation of pornography in Ireland. The Campaign also aims to promote an understanding of the harm that pornography does to society.

Speaking at the launch in the Equality Authority, Ms Niamh Wilson, panel speaker and member of the Coalition behind the Campaign, spoke of its objectives: ' The Campaign aims to expose the lie that pornography does no harm. We hope, at the very least, to challenge those who use pornography to think about the consequences of the demand for, the making of and the use of pornography and to accept the responsibility that we all hold in ensuring that sexual expression does not violate the human rights of any person'.

The impossibility to avoid pornography in Ireland; leading to its normalisation, where the viewer is so desensitised, that the unacceptable, appears acceptable was a key concern which led to the establishment of the Freedom from Pornography Campaign at the beginning of 2004. The links to violence against women and the distortion of sexuality as a result of pornography were also deeply concerning to the Coalition.

The Coalition of organisations and individuals, which make up the Campaign define pornography as graphic, sexually explicit material, which subordinates women and recognises it as part of the wider sex industry.

Author and Journalist Susan McKay acted as Guest Speaker at the Launch and gave her endorsement and support to the Campaign.