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50/50 Group

50/50 Group

50-50 Group's Vision of Change


Gender parity in Irish politics by the year 2020. Quite simply, we want fifty-fifty by 2020.


Who we are

- The 50-50 Group is a single issue national advocacy group dedicated to achieving equal representation in Irish politics.
- The 50-50 Group is a fully inclusive organisation and politically non-aligned.
- The 50-50 Group welcomes both men and women as members.
- The 50-50 group actively encourages the formation of affiliate groups at community level.
- The 50-50 Group endorses both male and female candidates who support special temporary measures to redress the over-representation of men in the Irish Parliament (Oireachtas).
- The 50-50 Group believes that the under-representation of women in Irish politics is an affront to the democratic ideals of justice and equality.


What we do

1. Lobby for the implementation of measures to redress the gender imbalance in Irish politics. For example:-

a. The introduction of Special Temporary Measures (such as gender allocations or quotas) to increase the number of women on the ballot paper;

b. Support the recommendations of the Oireachtas Sub-Committee on Women in Politics which reported in November 2009. The committee proposed that legislation should be introduced whereby no party can have more than two-thirds of their election candidates of one gender.

c. The full implementation of the UN's Convention on the Elimination of all kinds of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in Ireland.

2. Establish an active 'grassroots' movement to promote voter choice on the ballot paper and agitate for change.

3. Initiate a public campaign highlighting the under-representation of women in Irish politics, and debate the consequences of this under-representation for Irish society.


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