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AkiDwA (Akina Dada Wa Africa)

AkiDwA (Akina Dada Wa Africa) AkiDwA (Akina Dada Wa Africa)
  • Address: Unit 2 Killarney Court,
    Buckingham Street,
    Dublin 1
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Akina Dada wa Africa (AkiDwA; Swahili for sisterhood) is an authoritative, minority ethnic-led national network of migrant women living in Ireland. This non-governmental organisation with charitable status was established in August 2001 by a group of African women to address the needs of an expanding population of African and migrant women resident in Ireland. The organisation is a recognised authoritative and representative body for migrant women, irrespective of their national/ethnic background, tradition, religious beliefs, socio-economic or legal status.

AkiDwA's Mission is to promote equality and justice for migrant women living in Ireland.

AkiDwA's Vision is a just society where there is equal opportunity and equal access to resources in all aspects of society: social, culture, economic, civic and political.

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