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Aoibhneas Domestic Abuse Support

Aoibhneas Domestic Abuse Support

Aoibhneas Women's Refuge was established in August 1988. At that time Dublin Corporation provided Aoibhneas with a three bedroomed flat in Ballymun to carry out its work.

In 1994, Dublin Corporation made notification of a decision to grant planning permission to Aoibhneas for a purpose built facility for families fleeing their home through Domestic Violence.

On the 21st April 1997 Aoibhneas Women's Refuge was officially opened by President Mary Robinson.
Mission Statement

'We at Aoibhneas Women and Children's Refuge, aim to empower each person to live in freedom and safety from domestic abuse through a healing process that nurtures and enables positive growth and societal change.'

Power and Control

Power and control is at the heart of Domestic Violence:-

  • Isolating you from family and friends
  • Checking on your movements
  • Keeping track of your time
  • Intimidating you by destroying property
  • Shouting in your face
  • Making you afraid by using looks, gestures or actions

If your partner makes you feel:-

  • Financially dependant
  • Prevents you from getting or keeping a job
  • Makes you ask for money for every item
  • Degrades you by putting you down or ignoring you
  • Like a servant and humiliates you to the point that you feel worthless
  • Unsafe in your own home

If you are suffering from Domestic Violence, you are not alone. Domestic Violence thrives on silence. Break the silence and phone our professional helpline service, help and support is available for you.