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Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland

Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland
  • Address: ASTI Thomas Mac Donagh House, Winetavern St, Dublin 8
  • Telephone: 01 604 01 60
  • Fax: 01 671 92 80
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The ASTI is Ireland's main second level teachers union and represents 18,000 teachers in community schools, community colleges, comprehensive schools and voluntary secondary schools attended by 80% of all second-level students.

The ASTI acts as a professional association voicing the concerns and interests of the teaching profession at second-level and as a registered trade union, which protects teachers and fights for improvements in their pay and conditions of employment.

Included among our members are class teachers, school principals, deputy-principals, assistant principals, special duties teachers, temporary teachers, part-time teachers, home-school liaison teachers, guidance counsellors, learning support teachers and resource teachers.

The union represents teachers in:

  • voluntary secondary schools
  • community schools
  • comprehensive schools
  • community colleges

Established in 1909, the ASTI is a registered trade union affiliated to:

  • Education International
  • European Trade Union Committee for Education

The objects and aims of the ASTI are:

  • to promote second-level education
  • to unite and organise all second-level teachers
  • to promote and protect teachers' interests
  • to maintain and improve teachers' conditions of employment