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Clondalkin Women’s Network

Clondalkin Women’s Network


Clondalkin Women's Network was established in 1991 by local women's groups as a result of a seminar to discuss the "Working for Change" report published by the Combat Poverty Agency. This seminar provided a first opportunity for women's groups in the area to come together, to meet and to identify their common experiences. From this seminar, groups decided that they should continue meeting to develop their work. The groups in the Network are providers of community education, mutual support, women's development, policy work and representation.

The Network acts as a forum to facilitate groups to come together, exchange information & ideas, raise awareness of women's issues and to identify and work towards addressing common issues at local, regional & national levels.

Over the years, the Network has evolved and developed, with it's members, to be a strong voice for women's groups. The Network is core funded by the Department of Social, Community & Family Affairs.

Overall Aims

  • To promote ownership and active participation by women's groups in the Network;
  • To identify the changing needs of women in Clondalkin on an ongoing basis in order to inform the work of women's groups and the Network;
  • To build the capacity of women's groups to respond to the needs of women in Clondalkin at either local, regional or national level;
  • To be a voice for women's groups at local, regional and national levels.