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COPE Galway Waterside House Refuge

COPE Galway Waterside House Refuge

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to Support and Empower women and their children experiencing Domestic Violence and to work towards eliminating the structures in society which give rise to and tolerate such violence"

History of COPE Galway Waterside House

COPE Galway Waterside House Refuge was established in June of 1981 and provides temporary safe accommodation for women and their children who experience Emotional, Physical or Sexual abuse within an intimate relationship.

The refuge is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since its inception in 1981, thousands of women and their children have availed of the service. The refuge works in close liaison with relevant back-up and support services, both Statutory and Voluntary.

Our Services

COPE Galway Waterside House works to support women and their children experiencing domestic violence by providing:

1. Refuge
COPE Galway Waterside House can accommodate 6 women and 15 children. The refuge is used by women who are at risk from their partner or ex partner and need a place of safety. Both practical and emotional support is provided to women during their stay and women who choose legal options are supported through the court process. Children too are affected by domestic violence and in the refuge there are child care workers who work with the children and who can make a referral to a child counsellor or play therapist if extra support is needed.

2. Outreach
An Outreach service offers support and information to women who are not able to, or who do not need to, use refuge accommodation. The Outreach worker is available to meet with women throughout Galway City & County.

For an Outreach appointment phone 091-565985.

3. Support
COPE Galway Waterside House Refuge is a member of The National Network of Women's Refuges and Support Services. COPE Galway Waterside House seeks to support all women experiencing domestic violence irrespective of race, religious beliefs, disability, age, marital status, family status, sexual orientation or membership of the Traveller community.