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Mandate - A Strategy for Growth

Mandate is a union dedicated to the principle of giving power directly to union members. In recognition of the global decline in union membership and density, the Trade Union Movement across the world is reaching out to millions of unorganized workers to build worker unity and power and to, through organising effectively, drive the Trade Union Movement back to where it belongs - the workplace.

As an organising and campaigning union, Mandate stands firmly in solidarity with all unions to eradicate the decline in density of the Trade Union Movement. To assist us all towards achieving this objective Mandate has established a national organising structure and department to push forward our strategy for growth.

Organising Together

Mandate's radical strategy for growth is focused on committing the adequate time, resources and efforts into organising new and existing members. Very often we spend our time fire fighting, responding to initiatives by employers, or dealing with extensive individual caseloads.

Organising together will facilitate closer working and communication with members and will provide a mechanism for members to become more actively involved in our union campaigns - see Campaigns Section - which in turn will support and strengthen our Local and Regional Council structures thus developing a new generation of Mandate activists and representatives. A new generation ably equipped to win against ever aggressive employers and ably equipped to grow our union in the workplace by getting active and staying active.

It's not about "Organising vs. Servicing"

Organising in Mandate is not about replacing our union officials with local activists. We recognise that there will always be a requirement for Officials to represent and service Mandate members. The key to effective Mandate organising is achieving the balance that whenever possible issues and concerns are dealt with by well trained, confident local activists which will allow our officials and staff to play a more strategic, facilitating role.

Mandate has a long history of success at both the negotiating table and through the disciplinary grievance procedures and these "wins" are opportunities to build organising power.

Our Activists Playing a Key Role

Mandate activists are the key to an effective organising strategy. Organising at Mandate promotes and supports the valuable role our activists have by ensuring they have enough resources including facilities, access to training and development opportunities and access to quality advice and guidance.

We will endeavour to have activists in each workplace who can:

  • Encourage members to discuss their thoughts and ideas that affect them and coordinate collectively to guarantee success.
  • Take up issues within the workplace on behalf of members.
  • Represent members effectively at grievance and disciplinary hearings in the workplace.
  • Give the union a strong visible presence in the workplace and encourage active participation in the democracy of Mandate.

Mandate is committed to building an activist based organising and campaign union of first choice with strong self-sustainable structures in and between workplaces with activists and workers at the centre of everything the union does.

Mandate's Organising Department

Organising is the key to a rejuvenated and successful Mandate and a strengthened broader Trade Union Movement. Our Organising Department has been established to push forward the union's strategy for growth. For Mandate to grow we will endeavor to:

  • Be innovative in the way we campaign (e.g. young workers, migrant workers)
  • Develop strategic partnerships ( e.g. community associations, other unions)
  • Provide modern and quality training for our activists
  • Improve the way we communicate (e.g. embrace new technology to assist organising)
  • Facilitate membership participation in our union (e.g. networking for members and mapping)

Working with all Mandate stakeholders, the Organising Department has been established to focus on establishing and drawing National Organising Campaigns to mobilize workers and to win for members like never before.