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Representations of Women’s Work - The Legacy Project

In the anniversary year of the 1913 Lockout, National Women's Council of Ireland initiated the Legacy Project to challenge conventional thinking about women’s work and how it is represented.

The project involves four commissions led by artists, whose previous work connects with the interest in women, economy, labour and work at the heart of the Legacy Project.The result is a challenging exhibition “Still, We Work” which will premiere at the Gallery of Photography in Dublin, 19 – 26 October 2013 and will then tour to 126 Gallery in Galway 9 - 24 November.

The commissions involve the unpacking of historical and contemporary ideas about work, society, and economy as well as advocacy and legacy building. Throughout history, women’s contribution has frequently not been marked and in society today, the voices of women too often go unheard.

The artists capture the growing experience of ‘precarity’ among women. The exhibition highlights how changing work practices that remove security and redefine paid and unpaid work are becoming more and more mainstream. The projects embody the concept of access to 'representation'; whether that is legal, political, or cultural, adequate representation remains a struggle. Also captured is 'visibility', or the lack of it. Typically, the day to day work and working environments of those active in the voluntary and community sector remains invisible as the focus is normally on outcomes and specific output.

The Legacy Project aims to celebrate the voices of women which have challenged orthodox opinions on women’s work and representation of women in the past and present. The important contribution artists make to our knowledge of the world will be highlighted through the commissions. The project aims to shape public discourse by amplifying the work of NWCI, the membership, interested communities and individuals.

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