Election 2016

European Elections 2019 - I am a voter

NWCI has asked all European candidates to sign up to our Feminist Manifesto for Europe. Here is what you can do to support a feminist Europe.

  • Check for Commitment
    Check below which candidates in your constituency have already signed up to NWCI’s Feminist Manifesto for Europe
  • Raise Your Voice
    Download the Feminist Manifesto for Europe for your window and ask your local candidates, from all parties and none, where they stand on women's equality.
  • Join The Conversation
    NWCI will be tracking and sharing election updates on Twitter using #FeministEurope and we want to hear from you!
  • Pledge to Vote
    This time it's not enough to just hope for a better future: this time we all need to take responsibility for it. So this time we're not just asking you to vote, we're also asking you to help to persuade others to vote too. Because when everybody votes, everybody wins. Pledge to vote in the European Elections and make sure you checktheregister.ie

Below is a list of constituencies and the number of candidates who have signed up to NWCI’s Feminist Manifesto for Europe. Click on the constituency name for details of candidates in that constituency.

Constituency Candidates
Dublin 12
Midlands-North-West 7
South 9


Total NWCI European Elections 2019 Pledged Candidates: 28