General Election 2020

Feminist Ireland Manifesto 2020

General Election 2020 - Feminist Ireland Manifesto

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End the Housing and Homelessness Crisis

  • Implement a national programme of public housing
  • Introduce an emergency rent freeze
  • End direct provision
  • Provide Traveller accommodation.

Prioritise Women’s Health

  • Deliver Sláinte Care
  • Develop women centred mental health services
  • Fully resource publicly owned maternity and infant services
  • Introduce universal, free contraception.

Deliver a Public Childcare Service

  • Increase investment in affordable, quality, public childcare and paid parental leave
  • Ensure workers earn at least a living wage
  • Support lone parents with targeted resources.

Change Ireland’s record on Violence Against Women

  • Fully implement the Istanbul Convention
  • Establish domestic homicide reviews
  • Resource frontline services and refuge spaces.

Ensure safe, legal and local Access to Abortion

  • Introduce safety zone legislation
  • Locally provide the full range of abortion services
  • Guarantee provision of the full range of care in all maternity hospitals.

Eliminate Poverty

  • Prioritise investment in social protections and public services over tax cuts
  • Bench mark social welfare payments to thevminimum essential standard of living
  • Introduce a universal pension system.

End the Gender Pay Gap and deliver Decent Work for Women

  • Introduce a living wage
  • Legislate for wage transparency
  • Improve flexible working and move towards a 4 day week
  • Legislate for collective bargaining rights.

Advance Women’s Leadership

  • Introduce gender quotas in local elections
  • Create a woman-friendly Oireachtas
  • Legislate for a 40% quota for women on corporate boards
  • Increase funding for the women’s sector.

Lead a Green New Deal

  • Gender and poverty proof all climate and environment policies
  • End support for new fossil fuel projects and reduce Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 8% annually
  • Develop rural and urban public transport infrastructure, including a national cycle network.

Guarantee Access to Justice

  • Introduce a statutory maintenance agency
  • Provide full redress to all survivors of institutional abuse
  • Develop a new family courts model
  • Introduce legislation and policies to combat racism and discrimination.

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