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Application Form - Group Members

Your group can join NWCI as a full member if you fulfil the following criteria.

  • Your group agrees with NWCI’s vision, mission and values
  • In your work you demonstrably seek to progress equality for women in Ireland (through direct services, policy, advocacy or other stated means)
  • You have a minimum of 10 individual members

Guidelines for National Women’s Council of Ireland Executive Board for the Ratification of Applications for Membership of NWCI


Organisations must be a member of NWCI for one year before voting at  the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
A national organisation and group with multiple branches, which wishes to become a member, may choose to seek membership for its national organisation or one of its branches but not both.

Current Membership Fees

  • Groups with funding: 150 Euros per year (Fees for very large organisations may be higher)
  • Groups without funding: 30 Euros per year

Please note that inability to pay should not prevent you from applying for membership.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

As a full member you can

  • Receive our NWCI newsflash
  • Take part in all of our events
  • Support our campaigns
  • Participate in training opportunities
  • Become a member of NWCI working groups
  • Contribute to our policy positions
  • Vote at the AGM (e.g. put forward and vote on motions, nominate people to stand for election to the NWCI board)

Your membership will be ratified by NWCI’s Board at its next Board meeting (the Board meets every 6 weeks). We will contact you afterwards and invite you to get involved!

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact Helen Mullarkey:

NWCI’s vision, mission and values

Our Mission
To Lead and be a Catalyst for Change in the Achievement of Equality between Women and Men

Our Vision
Our vision is of an Ireland and of a world where there is full equality between women and men

Our Values
Our values and beliefs shape what we do and how we work, key among these are:

  • Feminism - We believe that feminism is about working to change society so that women and men have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.
  • Solidarity between women in all their diversity, through empowerment, collaboration and participation of all women in Ireland and internationally.
  • The recognition of care in our society and the redistribution of care work between women and men.
  • The fundamental importance of human rights, global interdependence and sustainability in all its forms.
  • The provision of protection and respect for the bodily integrity of women and girls.
  • The leadership role of women in relation to the achievement of a more equal society.

Less than 10 Members?

If you have less than 10 individual members you can become a Supporting Group Members. This means that you can benefit from NWCI’s membership but you cannot vote or put forward motions at our AGM.