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Consultation on Pensions

Published: Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Commission on Pensions has launched a public consultation on the future of the State pension. Women are less likely to have a private pension and more likely to be reliant on the State pension than men. Women are also less likely to have access to the full Contributory State Pension and more likely to experience poverty in older age.

The National Women's Council's research and decades of work with older women tells us that the best way to achieve equality for women is through a universal pension for all with no qualifying contributions, which will guarantee income adequacy in older age and which would recognise that paid work and unpaid work are equally valuable.

It is important that the Commission on Pensions hears from as many women as possible so we encourage you to make your own submission. You can do this by writing a letter or submission or by completing the survey by 9th March 2021.More information can be found here.