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Exclusive to NWCI website, Rita Ann Higgins launches her new poem, The Darkness

Published: Sunday, October 18, 2009

Exclusive to our website, Rita Ann Higgins launches her new poem, The Darkness, a hilariously barbed take on our Republic's current political chaos. One of Ireland's favourite poets, rita ann first read the poem at the National Women's Council's public meeting to launch the No Going Back campaign last month.

It was early Christmases

it was perjury lights

it was lets organize the masses

it was death by devotion

it was googleability talk

it was doctor only cards

it was hailstones

it was gallstones

it was clamping

it was glamping

it was jackstones

it was January sales

it was complex stuffing

it was the dishcloth dreams

it was back on the dole queues

it was Fás schemes

it was refuse charges

it was Fás expenses

it was soap operas

it was pope operas

it was Spiddal in the middle

it was rain rain rain

it was kidney stones

it was Neven Henaff

it was tribunals

it was lost receipts

it was a limo here a limo there

it was SSIA's

it was Irish Nazis

it was grey days

it was boy racers

it was MRSA days

it was Namaphobia

it was mimicry Sunday

it was how are u texts

it was ex, it was pect

it was ations

it was swine flu

it was birdie flu

it was real male

it was single male

it was jingle mail

it was Biffo's budget

it was Robo cop direct/ not

it was bale-out or pale out

it was paper profit

it was cranks, it was foreign owned banks

it was inside information

it was an act of contrition

it was nasty it was undo-plasty

with your family who had affluenza.

We adore thee o Lend-A hand we bless thee

because by bailouts thou hast saved our deposits, not.

it was Lesbos, besbos, no to Lisbos.

it was Aer Lingus

it was Michael Cunny O Leary.

it was broken teeth

it was singleton mail

it was Fingleton mail

broken storage heaters

a season for grieving

a season for thieving

it was cryptosporidium

it was Mama, it was Nama

it was all Hail Obama

it was cancer centres of excellence (my eye)

it was never the HSE

it was centres of chaos

it was lead in your water

lead in your tea

overcrowding in hospitals

it was never the HSE

it was sore heels

it was cold sores

it was credit crunch

it was balefulls, bailouts

it was stag nites

it was stag nation

it was stag flation

it was a new four letter word

starts with an F and ends with with a T

financially untouchable *funt

you funting funt, or you dirty rotten funting funt

it was homophobia

it was nomophobia

it was home alonia, single male gingle mail

it was  six banks full

we adore theee o cash we non-ebrities

it was high cholesterol

the weight of your sins

the weight of your bins

it was doomers, pooffers, mooffers,

it was out of work roofers

it was good bye Polish cleaners

we're back on the dolers.

It was momnesia

it was sly tox, boytox, my socks

it was 900 euro a night hotels in Venice

it was chauffeurs to Cheltenham

it was take me from terminal one to terminal three

but don't put me in with the plebs

it was take me to Kerry but put me in a plane

it was Dublin to Cannes

Cannes to Kerry

Kerry to Cardiff

Cardiff to Cannes

Cannes to Northolt

Northolt to Dublin

it was a conference on women in poverty in China

but make my hotel five star

it was I can and I will

and I'll do it again

it was more green tea, fat free

it was on your knee economy

it was never the HSE

the worst has yet to come

said George Grimm Reaper deeper  Lee

it was never the Government

it was an Tuatha nua, an bua

an bord snip nua.