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Fold and Rise - A feminist perspective on the folding and unfolding of time.

Published: Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Traveller women  took part on 29th June 2016 in a bread making workshop as part of an NWCI event organised by Artists Fold and Rise and Pavee Point.  Kneading and folding dough was used in the half-day workshop with Pavee Point’s  Traveller Community Health Workers as a metaphor for women’s work and to discuss a feminist perspective on the folding and unfolding of time. 

The women also talked about the contribution of women in culture and politics.  Given the year that’s in it the project, which is facilitated with artists Maeve Collins and Julie Griffiths, examines the life of Constance Markievicz and asks – who would she be today? This is a touring event. Fold & Rise are looking to do more dates around the country with some of our other members.

More information is available at http://foldandrise.wix.com/fold-and-rise