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Invitation to Tender: Model GREVIO Shadow and Implementation Reports

Published: Friday, September 24, 2021

NWC, on behalf of the Irish Observatory on Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), is seeking a researcher to undertake the development of:

1. A Model Shadow Report[1]

2. An Implementation Report[2]

The project aims to build the capacity of the Observatory on VAWG in their civil society reporting (either individually or collectively) to GREVIO, the monitoring body of the Istanbul Convention. The project will allow the Observatory and its members to identify needed reforms and investment, but also successful innovations that should be mainstreamed and sustained. The project will also enable a sharing of learning of good practise in relation to responses to the impact of COVID on violence against women across the EU.

The project will require a combination of both desk-based research and consultation with relevant stakeholders. An intersectional approach that is rooted in gender equality will be a central tenant of the project.   There Model Shadow Report will include relevant articles to be decided upon following the focus group consultation process. This is in line with other shadow reports where there is limited capacity.

The researcher should have specific knowledge of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence and human rights law and practice. Preferably, a good understanding and working knowledge of the Istanbul Convention.

More details available here