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Ireland South Candidates make their pitch for a Feminist Europe in Cork

Published: Thursday, May 16, 2019

With less than two weeks to go until polling day in the European Parliament elections, Ireland South candidates gathered tonight with NWCI members and supporters in Cork to outline their vision for a feminist Europe.

Laura Harmon, Women in Leadership Coordinator said,

 “It matters who we send to Europe, and it is important that our MEP candidates are willing to make a decisive stand for a feminist values and policies, once elected to the European Parliament. Many of the challenges women face are global challenges that require solutions at a European and global level.”

“Sometimes, the European Union can seem distant, and decisions made in the European Parliament can seem like they don’t have a real impact on our lives. However, we know that over the next five years, MEPs will be making important decisions on key issues affecting women’s lives today. A key example of this is the implementation of the Directive on Work-Life-Balance which will set minimum benchmarks for parental, paternity and carer’s leave, and the right to request flexible working arrangements.”

Laura Harmon, Women in Leadership Coordinator said,

“The women of Ireland know that Ireland’s membership of the European Union has been a positive force for equality, and that it is crucial that the European Parliament continues to have a strong progressive mandate that favours policies for women. Advances in equality for women in work, such as pay equality, family leave and childcare, demonstrate how powerful Europe can be at advancing key issues, and we need to ensure that Irish voters send the strongest possible feminist candidates to Europe.”

Speakers on the night included Billy Kelleher (Fianna Fail),  Liadh Ni Riada (Sinn Fein), Sheila Nunan (Labour), Grace O’Sullivan (Green Party)

The event was chaired by Deirdre O’Shaughnessy, 96 FM and former editor of the Cork Independent 



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