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Irish Open - An insult to women!!

Published: Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Bord Fáilte should withdraw funding now.

'Bord Fáilte should with draw its sponsorship of the Irish Open golf championship' stated Ms Joanna McMinn, Director of the National Women's Council of Ireland (NWCI). 'This championship is to be hosted in Portmarnock golf club, one of only two golf clubs in the State which still operates a ban on women members' continued Ms McMinn. 'It is an insult and outrage that women continue to be banned from Portmarnock golf club. The NWCI is appalled that Bord Fáilte is supporting such blatant sexism and discrimination' she continued.

'The NWCI opposes the staging of the Irish Open in Portmarnock and supports our sister organisation in the United States in opposing the Masters tournament in Augusta National Golf Club, which also bans women' declared Ms McMinn.

'If the Irish Open goes ahead, we will be calling on investors, players, the public and the media to boycott the event' added Ms McMinn. 'It is absolutely unacceptable that Bord Fáilte, a state appointed board, is sponsoring an event in a venue, which blatantly discriminates against women' she concluded.