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Mother and Baby Home Report highlights damning treatment of women and children by the State

Published: Tuesday, January 12, 2021

In response to the publication of the report of the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes and Certain Related Matters today, the National Women’s Council (NWC) called on the Government to renew its focus on ensuring survivors voices are heard and their calls for justice are addressed.

Orla O’Connor, Director of NWC said,

“The Mother and Baby Report is a damning reflection on the treatment of women and their children by the State and Church institutions. As we take the time to read the comprehensive report, it is already clear that women and their children suffered horrendous abuse, human rights violations and trauma in institutions across the country.  We are angered and shocked to learn that as many as 9,000 babies died in the institutions and that so many women were forced to give up their children for adoption.

The report must mark the beginning of a new chapter in the relationship between the State and survivors. We call on the Government to take this opportunity to renew its engagement with survivor groups to ensure their voices are central to all of the actions taken. This must include consultation on the best way to ensure redress to survivors and, crucially, to provide access to the relevant personal information to all survivors. It is inconceivable that people continue to be denied information about their identity or the whereabouts of their children.

Today is an important and difficult day for the survivors of Mother and Baby homes and their families. We commend the bravery of historian Catherine Corless and the survivors and families who have campaigned for so long for justice and truth. We hope the report will provide some of the answers they have been looking for for so many years.”


For more information, please contact Silke Paasche, Head of Communications, NWC, Tel. 085 858 9104