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National Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence Survey in Higher Education

Published: Monday, April 19, 2021

NWC is delighted to support the HEA in the launch of the first National Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Survey in Higher Education. We hope this will be a catalyst for reform and action. All students and staff should be able to study and work free from sexual violence and harassment.

Sadly, we know that many students and staff are subjected to sexual harassment and/or violence in higher education, but these surveys will be the first time that we have accurate, national data on the prevalence of such behaviour.

We would like to thank those who are able to share their experiences. To those who may not be ready we would like to assure them that they are not alone & support is available. Please remember that these surveys are completely voluntary and anonymous.

National Survey of STUDENT Experiences of Sexual Violence and Harassment in Irish HEIs 

National Survey of STAFF Experiences of Sexual Violence and Harassment in Irish HEIs 

We know that such surveys can be difficult and triggering for survivors. If you need support or just to talk, please call the Dublin Rape Crisis Center's National Helpline on 1800 77 888. Local supports are available from https://rapecrisishelp.ie and/or your colleges' counselling or health service.