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Welcome to our new Group Members

Published: Monday, February 10, 2020

NWCI is delightedt to welcome four new group members. 

Aitheantas is an Adoptee Identity Rights group that advocates for all Adoptees affected by the coercive and forced adoption policies of the past. They also focus on the impact of lack of health and identity information for female Adoptees. http://www.aitheantas.ie http://www.facebook.com/Aitheantas  @aitheantas

M- Word are directly educating and empowering women on menopause at home, in the workplace and for the younger generation. Other areas include supports within the workplace, enhanced education, support within the healthcare system and for GP's and educating the younger generation in relation to menopause. They also hold an annual Menopause summit. www.themwordevent.com  www.mysecondspring.ie  www.wellnesswarrior.ie

Domestic Violence Response (DVR) is a stand-alone, community-led outreach service in Galway City and in the County - Oughterard . It responds to the needs of women and children impacted by domestic abuse and develops long-term responses to the issue. It is a service that is client-led, needs-based, consistent, professional, holistic and delivered to clients as a right and in a spirit of solidarit. http://www.domesticviolenceresponse.com/   https://www.facebook.com/domesticviolenceresponse/

Midwives Association of Ireland empower Midwives to supporting women using evidence based care. They promote, assist and provide access to further education for midwives through study days and conferences. They also advocate for the development of appropriate policies to enable midwives to provide individualised evidence based care to all women. @midwivesIreland https://www.facebook.com/midwivesireland