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NWC Statement to RTE’s Liveline programme - Thursday 9th June 2022

Published: Thursday, June 16, 2022

In response to a press release that we received ahead of our Annual General Meeting on the 9th June 2022 stating that an organisation called 'The Countess'  "will be staging an action at the AGM of the national women's council today in protest", NWC made the decision to refuse entry to the event for the people involved.  NWC has a duty of care towards participants and speakers at our events.

We issued the following statement to the RTE Liveline programme: 

"NWC rejects in the strongest terms any discrimination of trans people at our events or in other settings. NWC has a duty of care to ensure participants and speakers at our events feel safe.

NWC advocates for inclusive language in legislation and policy. NWC recommended the use of women and people in the amendments to the maternity legislation. 

NWC welcomes discussion and information sharing in relation to transgender issues within the feminist movement and beyond. However, these discussions must respect the rights of trans people and cannot be used to question their rights or trans people’s legitimacy.

While people are entitled to their own views, they do not have the right to discriminate against trans people and hijack an event that is discussing important issues in relation to care for women."