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NWCI launches new care publication

Published: Sunday, October 18, 2009

NWCI launches new care publication

'Who Cares? Challenging the myths about gender and care in Ireland' describes the reality of care work for women and men in Ireland today. Despite the improved position of women in Irish society, care work still remains the primary responsibility of women. The unequal distribution of care work between women and men has a significant impact on women's lives - on their health status, employment participation and representation at senior decision making level. Time invested in providing care is time that cannot be spent doing other things - working, studying, recreations and participating in social and political life. People who provide high levels of care can experience stress and exhaustion, potentially damaging their own health.

Fairly shared, both sexes have the opportunity to fully realize their potential. We all lose out from an unfair sharing of care work. Men miss the opportunity from the rewards of providing care and women lose the opportunity to achieve economic independence and contribute to shaping the world we live in.

Who Cares? Challenging the myths about gender and care in Ireland' presents the facts on care work in Ireland and argues that the state through its lack of recognition of and support for care work, and its failure to provide adequate public services for childcare and eldercare is reinforcing the unequal position of women in society.

We all have the right to receive care, and we all have the right not to be obliged to provide care. The challenge, as expressed by the International Labour Organisation, 'is to find ways to enable women and men to provide and receive care as they choose'. We would all be the better for it.

You can download Who Cares in PDF format here »