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NWCI supports Traveller organisations!

Published: Wednesday, May 01, 2002

'The National Women's Council of Ireland (NWCI) fully supports the Traveller organisations in protesting about the recent legislation, which has criminalised trespass' declared Joanna McMinn, NWCI Director, who was speaking at the protest in Dublin today. 'This development will worsen the situation of the 1,200 families on the roadside with no accommodation. It will lead to widespread evictions of Travellers with nowhere to go, and the criminalisation of entire communities of Travellers who are camped on public land awaiting permanent accommodation' said Ms. McMinn.

'The actions of the Minister and the Government make a mockery of social partnership' she continued. 'The Community Platform, which includes the NWCI and all the major Traveller organisations, walked out of the PPF plenary meeting on Monday last in protest at the manner in which the Government is ignoring social partnership' she added. 'The NWCI is deeply disturbed at the lack of meaningful consultation by the Government with organisations which represent equality and rights issues, despite the fact that consultation is the rock on which social partnership is built ' stated Ms McMinn.

'As the national representative organisation for women, the NWCI is extremely concerned at the effect of this legislation on those who are most vulnerable in the Traveller community, women and children' said Ms McMinn. 'We are particularly mindful of the implications of eviction for Traveller women who are experiencing violence' she added.

'We call on the Government to engage in genuine consultation with Traveller organisations to sort out the current legislative crisis' concluded Ms McMinn.