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NWCI welcomes nine new group members

Published: Tuesday, October 16, 2018

It’s been a bumper month for groups joining NWCI from sports, comedy, theatre, music, women’s networks in business, migrant women's groups and grouops active in the area of peace and reconciliation. 

Sport & Transport

Dublin Cycling Campaign work to encourage cycling and to represent the interests of everyday cyclists and make the streets safer for cyclists and to increase public awareness of the benefits of cycling. As members of NWCI they are keen to strengthen our knowledge of gender and build a greater gender focus in its support to all members particularly in protecting female cyclists against harassment. Their aim is to see more women cycling in Dublin; 70% of people who cycle in Dublin are men. http://www.dublincycling.ie

Women Gaelic Players Association is the representative body for intercounty Ladies Football and Camogie players providing a unified voice for intercounty players. The association seeks to challenge the status quo for women in sport at an organisational level, in the media, with government representatives. WGPA promote players as female leaders, championing their place as role models in their communities and wider Irish society. They also support player’s personal development, through scholarships and leadership programmes, to empower them to affect change. http://www.wgpa.ie/

Arts & Culture

Funny Women, founded in the UK in 2002 has recently branched out to Ireland with its Time of the Month event which gives women the opportunity to learn more about the comedy circuit or try out comedy for the first time. Funny Women help women find their voice through performing, writing and using humour in business and everyday life. They aim to address and communicate problems within the industry, including abolishing the idea of "token" women on a comedy bill. Finally they wish to raise awareness of the amount of incredible and talented funny women in Ireland and hope that with Funny Women as a regular name that we will see a rise in equality throughout the comedy industry.http://www.funnywomen.com  

Sounding the Feminists is an Irish-based, voluntary-led collective of composers, sound artists, performers, musicologists, critics, promoters, industry professionals, organisations, and individuals, committed to promoting and publicising the creative work of female musicians. STF recognises that contemporary attitudes, policies, and practices towards music and gender are often built on institutions and traditions that resist change. In solidarity with ground-breaking sister movements such as Waking the Feminists, the STF Working Group was established in 2017.to take positive action to improve the representation of women island-wide, who are working in many areas of the music sector. https://www.soundingthefeminists.com/

Smashing Times Theatre and Film Company is a not-for-profit, human rights based theatre organsiation that uses creative process, theatre and film to promote human rights, gender equality, reconcilliation and social inclusion for all. The work of the company over the last 20 yaers has spanned across and beyond Europe, with projects running with a wide range of organisations in Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK, Spain, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Israel and Sri Lanka. The company plays a leading role in the development of the arts to promote, human rights, gender equality, peace building, active citizenship and positive mental health and well-being through high quality artistic processes. Smashing Times is lead partner on a range of transnational European projects and is highly experienced in using the arts to promote issues at local, national and European levels. http://www.smashingtimes.ie/

Community & Diversity

The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation is an independent, non-governmental organisation that works with individuals and groups to transform violent conflict, promote reconciliation, build sustainable peace and work towards more inclusive, equitable, and diverse societies. Founded in 1974 as a response to ‘the Troubles’, one of its key strategic priorities (2017-2026) continues to be dedicated to deepening reconciliation within and between communities on the islands of Ireland and Britain It does its work by facilitating dialogue, dialogue, network and relationship building, sharing the learning when appropriate, building capacities and promoting public discourse.http://www.Glencree.ie 

Migrant Women United is an inclusive network of diverse migrant women in Ireland run by and for women, mobilising towards personal and professional development. MWU aims to add an additional and much needed voice on shaping policy & structures that represent them. MWU also strives to preserve migrant women’s interest and equality by increasing the opportunities and participation in Irish society. MWU is an innovating platform aiming to support and empower migrant women through quality training, capacity building activities, exchange of information and expertise, advocacy, projects and events.https://www.facebook.com/MigrantWomenUnited/


National Infertility Support and Information Group NISIG is an Irish charity that has been providing support and information to those suffering from infertility since it was established in 1996. The ability to have a child is taken for granted by most people, but one in six will have difficulty conceiving and may seek medical help to achieve a pregnancy. NISIG provides support, information and advocacy to persons facing infertility and their families. Support takes the form of support meetings around the country, a twenty four hour telephone support line, peer to peer support, family meet ups and seminars for donor parents. NISIG is also active in awareness raising of the issue through media engagement, and further engages with opinion leaders at local and national level to ensure the issue of infertility, particularly funding and lack of regulation, remain on the political agenda.http://www.nisig.ie 

Equality Networks

Diversity & Inclusion Team at Bristol Meyers Squibb biopharmaceutical company look to promote inclusivity and embracing differences within their team.