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NWCI welcomes emphasis on human rights and partnership approach in Future of Policing Report

Published: Tuesday, September 18, 2018

In response to the publication of the Commission on Future of Policing in Ireland, NWCI has welcomed the focus on human rights, a partnership approach and improved data systems. NWCI would have liked to see a greater emphasis on the realisation of a victim centred approach and the recruitment and promotion of women in the police force.

Orla O’Connor, Director of NWCI said,

“The report is a thorough and in depth analysis and puts forward a long term strategy for the reforms needed to create a modern police force in Ireland. NWCI appreciates the opportunity to have contributed to the consultation process.

We welcome the first principle of the report that the future of policing should be based on a human rights approach and that the police should have a human rights strategy and a human rights unit.

We also welcome the emphasis on the need for the police to work in partnership with other relevant organisations, including NGOs and that police leaders should be ‘assessed on their success in building such partnerships.’ This partnership approach is critical in combating domestic and sexual violence against women.

The strong focus on improving data systems for collecting, recording, managing and disseminating data will be crucial to ensure a better understanding of crime and better targeting of resources to crime prevention and prosecution. Investing in data systems will be critical in areas such as on violence against women, where there has been unreliable data and data analysis.”

She continued,

“Overall we would have liked to see a greater focus on the realisation of a victim centred approach. For example, both the recommended Statutory Board for An Garda Síochána and the implementation group for the report should include victims’ representatives.

In addition, there should have been stronger recommendations and targets identified for the recruitment and promotion of women. Only 10% of superintendents in An Garda Síochána are women and only 14% are inspectors. International research indicates that there are significant benefits of police forces recruiting more female officers.”

“It is very clear from this report that the changes that are required to transform An Garda Síochána into a modern policy force require substantial resources. We call on the Government to establish the implementation group as a matter of urgency.”