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People with disabilities - entitled to rights.

Published: Wednesday, February 06, 2002

'The National Women's Council of Ireland is outragedthat the Disability Bill, 2001 Bill does not succeed in establishing rights for disabled people in Ireland' declared Ms. Joanna McMinn, NWCI Director. She went on to explain that a letter from the Forum of People with Disabilities group was sent last Friday to each member of Dáil Éireann asking them to set aside the Disability Bill, 2001 which is scheduled for debate this week. 'The NWCI wishes to support the Forum of People with Disabilities, which has very serious concerns about the Bill' continued Ms. McMinn. 'The NWCI calls on all public representatives to set aside of this Bill and demand one which will provide the fundamental right for disabled people to participate in a meaningful way in the social and economic life of Ireland' stated Ms. McMinn.

'Members of the Forum of People with Disabilities are angry that this Bill is now being produced in the last days of the current government without any prior consultation with disabled people or interest groups' she added. 'The NWCI urges public representatives to engage in consultation with the Forum of People with Disabilities with a view to drafting legislation which affords rights to people with disabilities' she concluded.