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NWCI Submission on Local Economic and Community Plans

Published: Tuesday, May 09, 2017

In response to a call to support the Department of Housing, Community, Planning and Local Government to develop guidelines to monitor, review and implement Local Economic and Community plans, NWCI made a submission in April 2017.

Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs) are now established in all local authority areas and have responsibility for publicly funded, community focused programmes which seek to develop the wellbeing of communities. They are also tasked with coordinating, planning and overseeing local and community development funds in each area.  At the same time, local authorities have assumed a more involved role in the broader economic development of their areas.

The Local Economic and Community Plan, a six year plan, which provides an integrated approach to economic, community and local development, is the key mechanism through which LCDCs and local authorities will progress the development of their respective areas. Since mid-2016, LECPs have been adopted for each of the 31 local authority areas. NWCI has outlined how best these plans can be reviewed and monitored to ensure positive impact and outcomes for communities and a strengthening of the role of women and women's groups in these processes and structures.

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