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When Women Won – Celebrating the Anniversary of Repealing the 8th Amendment

Published: Monday, May 25, 2020

Today (25th May 2020) marks the second anniversary of the day that 1,429,981 people voted to repeal the 8th Amendment and remove the constitutional ban on abortion in Ireland.

To mark this momentous change for women in Irish society the Irish Film Institute are screening ‘When Women Won’, the documentary on the Together for Yes Campaign, for one week from Monday 25th May to Sunday, 31st May.

‘When Women Won’ tells the emotional inside story of the Together for Yes campaign to repeal the 8th amendment and change Irish society forever. The film, which was commissioned by Together for Yes to reflect on the story of the campaign, was directed by Anna Rodgers, and produced by Zlata Filipović and Hugh Rodgers of Invisible Thread Films.

Grainne Griffin, Co-Director of Together for Yes said,

“We are delighted that the IFI are screening ‘When Women Won’. This documentary is one piece of the tapestry of voices, experiences and stories that made up the repeal movement. It is so important, particularly for women’s history, that we capture and share those experiences. The importance of access to free, safe and local healthcare has never seem as striking as it does right now with flights grounded and ferries docked. We are so grateful to each and every person who repealed the 8th Amendment and to those who continue to work to ensure the availability of full reproductive healthcare to all who need it.”

Orla O’Connor, Co-Director of Together for Yes said,

“It’s important to recognise the momentous change for women in Irish society brought by removing the constitutional ban on abortion. Since the vote women can now access abortion through our public healthcare system. The current pandemic has shown that changes are possible to widen access to abortion services. Two years ago we made a historic step forward for women. However, there is much to be still achieved and the National Women’s Council continues to campaign until all women can realise their right to sexual and reproductive health in Ireland.”

Ailbhe Smyth, Co-Director of Together for Yes,

“We are very proud that two years ago today the people of Ireland voted overwhelmingly to end the constitutional ban on abortion. While the law now enables women to access abortion services here in Ireland under certain circumstances, unnecessary restrictions and limits remain. As a long-time pro-choice activist, I will be continuing to campaign for restrictions to be lifted and for the extension of the abortion law to ensure that women have freedom of choice.” 

‘When Women Won’ will be available from Monday, 25th May until Sunday, 31st May 2020 and can be viewed at www.ifiplayer.ie or via the IFI Player app.




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