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#FeministClimateJustice Study Visits

Published: Monday, June 17, 2024

As part of the Feminist Communities for Climate Justice project's #FeministClimateJustice Community Work in a Changing Ireland Certificate Programme in collaboration with Department of Applied Social Studies at Maynooth University, participants carried out study visits at a variety of community spaces to learn directly from the people working in and with communities about their work and the ways that it overlaps with climate justice (transport, food, energy etc)

Thank you to all the organisations and communities that welcomed us so warmly, we really appreciate it. 

→ First up, we visited Inner City Organisations Network, Dublin, also known as ICON ↓

Then, we visited Wexford Local Development and Enniscorthy Community Allotments, Wexford ↓

Youghal Blue & Green Network, Cork ↓

Bluebell Community Development Project, Dublin 8 ↓

Donegal Intercultural Platform ↓

Inishowen Development Partnership, Donegal ↓

And then, last but not least, the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland welcomed participants ↓

And that’s a wrap for study visits 2024!