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Milennium Report on Violence Against Women

Published: Sunday, December 31, 2000

The Heart that Bites

In January 1999, the National Women's Council of Ireland initiated Women Mapping the New Millennium, a national research, analysis and action study. The research focused on six key areas of enquiry: violence against women, women and health, poverty, work, education and local development. The aim of the study was three-fold. First, to provide women across the country with the necessary skills and opportunity to have their voices heard. Second, to obtain women's views on each area in order to inform the NWCI's lobbying and policy strategies in the future. Finally, to explore and evaluate a model of participatory research and analysis which might form a basis for future ongoing research of this nature. This research could prove capable of assisting policy-makers and advisors, agencies, advocates, women and their communities with timely and appropriate information for policy formulation at local, regional and national levels.

This report presents the outcomes of the second of the above aims, that is, the views of the participants on the issue of 'Violence Against Women'.

Download file:Milennium Report on Violence Against Women