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NWCI submission to the review of NAPS

Published: Wednesday, February 28, 2001

'The Government is strongly committed to reducing women's poverty. I fully support the national policy objectives, which you set out of eliminating women's and child poverty. We now have the resources to effectively eliminate poverty for all our people' Dermot Ahern T.D. Minister for Social, Community and Family Affairs (October 2000)

One in every four women raising children or managing households on their own will experience poverty despite our economic boom and a growth rate of 8% (ESRI 2000). This submission is based on 'Out of Sight the Hidden Poverty of Women' (October 2000), an NWCI policy discussion paper on Women's poverty which involved wide ranging consultations with our 156 affiliates from national and local organisations focused on women's issues. The submission also draws on further consultations with our affiliates through the NWCI Millennium Project and the Beijing Platform for Action seminars.

Download file:NWCI submission to the review of NAPS