Not Just In Your Head

If you’ve been affected by any of the issues below you can find information and support at:

HSE YourMentalHealth 

Jigsaw Youth Mental Health 

National Women’s Council - Supports for Young Women's Mental Health 


Do you need to talk to someone now?

Freephone Samaritans 116 123 


Text YMH to 50808 (free 24/7 text service)


#NotJustInYourHead Campaign

Young women have a lot to deal with. From peer pressure, to body image and misogyny, it’s not easy being a young woman. These experiences can impact young women’s mental health and wellbeing. Often young women find it hard to express their thoughts, anxieties and worries. It’s easy to minimise them as being “not a big deal”, “not worth mentioning” or “just in your head”.

We want young women to know it’s not ‘just in your head’. Your mental health is important. It’s time to take it seriously.


We want young women to know that there is support available for them and encourage them to seek support when they need it.   

In NWC, we know that mental health is a central issue in young women’s* lives. In our work we seek to draw attention to young women’s mental health needs and to work with services to improve mental health supports for young women and girls.


Find further information on young women’s mental health here.


Find out more about women’s mental health and women’s health:

NWCI’s health work is supported by programme funding from the Health Service Executive.

* By young women we mean aged between 16-25 and anyone who identifies as a woman.