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NWCI calls for greater recognition for women in sport

Published: Friday, August 25, 2017

As the Women’s Rugby World Cup draws to a close, the National Women’s Council of Ireland today called for greater recognition for women across all sports in Ireland.

Orla O’Connor, Director of NWCI said,

“As the curtain closes on what was the most watched Women’s Rugby World Cup yet, NWCI extends our congratulations to the Ireland team on an exciting and invigorating tournament. Building on their successes over the past number of years, they have helped propel women’s sport into the limelight, and have been role models for a generation of girls and young women."

“Through the successful hosting of the Women’s Rugby World Cup, Irish rugby has been propelled onto a global stage, and it is important now that this is matched at a national level. Without a doubt, lack of funding, facilities and support for women’s teams across various sports has hindered teams and stifled the progress of women’s sport in Ireland. In terms of media, the trend is that women’s sport is ignorable until something remarkable happens that it becomes a story. Women’s sport is increasing in popularity, but it is nowhere near the level it needs to be at.”

Orla O’Connor, concluded,

“We need to see increased investments and supports in women’s sports, to ensure it achieves the profile it deserves. It is also crucial that media coverage of women athletes increases. Girls and young women need role models, particularly in sport. We hope that following on from the successes and profile of the Women’s Rugby World Cup, we will see increased investment in women’s sport across the board, and that this will have the knock on impact of promoting sport among young women and girls.”

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