My Voice My Choice Campaign

The National Women’s Council is partnering on a historic European Initiative to gather 1 million signatures in support of improving abortion access across the EU.   

Across Europe, more than 20 million women do not have access to abortion. Here in Ireland, in spite of the success of Repeal, hundreds of women are still forced to travel abroad for care. The mandatory 3 day wait, 12-week limit, and ongoing criminalisation of medics all feed into this situation. That’s why we’re joining with sister organisations in Slovenia, France, Spain, Finland, Poland, Austria and Croatia to demand reproductive justice across the continent.

Together, we've launched a petition to ensure women across the EU can access abortion. Our call is for the European Commission to establish a mechanism which would ensure every woman in Europe has access to safe, timely and legal abortion care.  

Will you join us? Please take just two minutes today to sign our petition