By becoming a member of NWCI you are joining the Campaign for Women’s Equality!

You become a part of making Ireland a better and more equal place to live. Your membership will help us to grow and develop as a strong voice for women’s human rights.

As NWCI member you will contribute to:

  • Promoting women’s leadership
  • Campaigning for better childcare, long-term and social care
  • Seeking better representation of women in politics and decision making
  • Working for a health care system that meets the needs of women, including their reproductive needs
  • Ending violence against women
  • Placing women’s concerns at the heart of economic recovery
  • Building a strong women’s movement
  • And much more…

Join us and sign up for the Campaign for Women’s Equality!

You can either join as a group or as an individual woman or man.

For an organisation which represents disadvantaged one-parent families, it is vital that OPEN has the support, solidarity and expertise of the National Woman’s Council of Ireland. It has made a big difference to us over the years.

Frances Byrne, OPEN

Frances Byrne