NWC’s Vision, Mission and Values

Our Mission
To Lead and be a Catalyst for Change in the Achievement of Equality between Women and Men

Our Vision
Our vision is of an Ireland and of a world where there is full equality between women and men

Our Values

  • Our values and beliefs shape what we do and how we work, key among these are:
  • Feminism - We believe that feminism is about working to change society so that women and men have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.
  • Solidarity between women in all their diversity, through empowerment, collaboration and participation of all women in Ireland and internationally.
  • The recognition of care in our society and the redistribution of care work between women and men.
  • The fundamental importance of human rights, global interdependence and sustainability in all its forms.
  • The provision of protection and respect for the bodily integrity of women and girls.
  • The leadership role of women in relation to the achievement of a more equal society.