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National Observatory on Violence against Women

The National Observatory on Violence Against Women was established in 2002 and is chaired by NWCI. The Observatory is an independent network of grassroots and national organisations that come together quarterly to monitor progress on violence against women in Ireland. It provides an important space for organisations to work for improved policies and service provision for prevention and support of women victims of male violence. It raises visibility of the phenomenon of male violence against women, monitors government commitments at national and international level and provides relevant data. The Observatory links into the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) European Observatory on Violence against Women.

The organisations in the Observatory are Akidwa, Amnesty International, Cork Sexual Violence Centre, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, European Women’s Lobby through NWCI Representative, Freedom from Pornography Campaign, Immigrant Council of Ireland, National Women’s Council of Ireland, Pavee Point Travellers Centre, Ruhama, Women’s Aid.

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