Key asks for Feminist Local Government 2024


What kind of community do you want to live in?

On June 7th, your vote in the local elections will determine the future of local communities. Local government is uniquely positioned to strengthen women’s participation in society and to ensure equal and just impact of local services and investment.

We are calling on all candidates to support our key asks for feminist local government and to actively promote women’s rights.

Deliver public services 

Access to public services at local level is crucial for women. This includes:

  • Public housing and accommodation
  • Access to local refuges and trauma informed supports for survivors of violence against women
  • Accessible public childcare
  • Community health and mental health services 
  • Community services for older people and disabled people
  • Adequate green spaces and recreational amenities
  • Transport and cycling links


Support feminist community development  

We want to see thriving communities across Ireland. We need local representatives who will commit to

  • Strengthen local government to promote local economies and real local democracy
  • Support and resource the women’s community sector
  • Support climate action that puts people and planet first
  • Create space for inclusive, empowering public consultation
  • Deliver local employment opportunities for women with fair pay, terms and conditions


Demand equality in local institutions

Our local authorities are supposed to be a reflection of the people they represent. That means that we need to see more women elected and more diversity in our local representatives. Over the next five years we want local authorities to prioritise:

  • Supporting and resourcing the development of women’s caucuses
  • Ensuring women’s representation and diversity on all Council working groups and Committees
  • Making local government family-friendly for female and male councillors and council employees including supporting care