Pension Justice campaign

Marking International Day of Older Persons, NWC has launched our #PensionJustice campaign calling for adequate pensions for all. 

Women are subjected to deep inequalities and discrimination in our pension system which is too closely linked to labour market participation. As women have greater unpaid care responsibilities and are more likely to be in low paid, part time or precarious work, it is more difficult to qualify for the full pension. 

Women are more likely to be reliant on the State pension than men but less likely to have access to the full Contributory State Pension and more likely to experience poverty in older age.

What we want to Achieve: A Universal State Pension

The National Women's Council's research, decades of work with older women, including the latest contributions from the four amazing women in our #PensionJustice campaign video tell us that the best way to achieve equality for women is through a universal pension for all which will guarantee income adequacy in older age and which would recognise that paid work and unpaid work are equally valuable.

We are  calling for an end to the structural inequalities and discrimination faced by women in our pension system to ensure that every older person has an adequate income to protect against poverty and can live with dignity and independence in their older years.

Will you Support our Campaign?

This is our moment to stand with women across Ireland to fight for pensions justice!

Our thanks to Missy, Mary, Gladys and Liz for their powerful contributions to our campaign video. Their experiences of inequality and discrimination in the Irish pension system highlight a need for real reform, with these issues continuing to affect women today.

We also thank The Community Foundation for Ireland for supporting this campaign.