NWCI is calling for a yes vote in the referendum on divorce, on 24th May 2019.

A yes vote will mean that harmful restrictions on divorce in Ireland will be removed from the Constitution, including the minimum waiting period.

As none of our public funding can be used for political purposes, currently all donations made through this website will be used to support our call for a yes vote.

Any donation, big or small, is very much appreciated and will contribute to this important cause.

Please note: There are some restrictions in relation as to who can donate for political purposes and how much.

  • You must be an Irish citizen or resident in the Republic of Ireland in order to donate
  • You can donate up to the value of €100.00 without providing your name and address.
  • If an individual donation is between €100 ≥ €2,500, you must provide the name and postal address of the person who made the donation.
  • If a family wish to donate, each member can donate €2500.