NWC are a membership organisation advocating for the rights of girls and women across Ireland. We know that by working together, we grow stronger.

Do you want to see an Ireland where women and girls have full equality?  An Ireland where we value women’s experiences and voices equally? Consider supporting our work by becoming a Feminist Changemaker, or by simply by donating directly today

Either way, your support will help to achieve an Ireland where:

Women are represented equally in politics and senior decision making
Women and girls are free from violence and harassment
Women can combine work and family life and share care responsibilities more equally
Women have economic independence
Women’s and girls’ health needs are met in our healthcare system
Women’s experiences are respected and their voices are being heard.

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So can you do a little to help us do a lot?

Anything you can donate to us will help. Whether it is a once off donation or a regular contribution, we promise your support will make a difference.  Thank you!

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