Statement on funding for referendum campaign

NWCI represents the views, issues and concerns of our more than 180 member organisations and to advance equality for women in Ireland. 

NWCI is currently campaigning to remove the Eighth Amendment from the Constitution in the upcoming referendum. We are one of the leading organisations of the national civil society campaign Together for Yes.

The NWCI intends to fundraise up to €70,000 for its campaign. This will pay for staff costs in the campaign and some printed materials and will be fundraised from within our membership.

NWCI will also support the fundraising activities of Together For Yes to fund the national civil society campaign. 

We have registered with the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) and will comply fully with the regulations regarding fundraising for political campaigning. We are compliant with the Mc Kenna judgement by not spending any public funds on this referendum campaign.

The NWCI financial statements are prepared in accordance with the Statements of Recommended Practice (SORP): Accounting and Reporting for Charities, 2014 FRS 102 and are available on our website.